the beauty of music, live

A weekly Rector’s Notes article, July 1, 2019

Into the unknown, into the night
Don’t let the fear, put out your light
If you believe it, then you just might
Realize that everything will be alright.

There is something magical, soul-feeding, beauty-connecting, creation-expanding about enjoying an evening of live music with friends, family, and a community of strangers who have come together to celebrate the gift that is being offered by the musicians performing.

Attending concerts, letting the music wash over me as I watch the performers put their all into their craft, seeing the joy in their performance, in getting to live into their life’s calling by performing their music for others, is an integral piece of my experience of the holy in others. The emotional connection that music creates, the depth of introspection, of discernment and prayer that is found in the beauty of music and lyrics that touch upon our shared experiences of this world, connect deeply in my soul and open an avenue to seeing our creator made manifest through the sharing of a gift that only so many people in our world have been afforded the opportunity to share.

This Sunday, July 7, we have the opportunity to experience in this sharing of connection as we welcome National Park Radio to share their music with us in a special concert event in our courtyard at 5pm.

National Park Radio follows in the wonderful tradition of folk music as they dive deep into those questions and experiences of connection, of journey, of relationship, of independence that resonate deeply in the Pacific Northwest. These are questions and experiences that resonate deeply for us as Christians, and in sharing this space together we can catch a glimpse of the holy as NPR shares their gift of music with us.

I hope you will join us this coming Sunday. I hope you will tell all of your friends and invite them to join us for this wonderful experience. I hope that we have way more people than we can fit and it is a smashing success, because it is in those times where community comes together to share in one experience that lasting memories are created and the Spirit has a chance to work her magic.

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