summer @ church

A weekly Rector’s Notes Article, June 10, 2019

As we enter into the summer season, there is a tendency to switch off of church for a while. Whether you are out at a lake, sleeping in on Sundays, heading out for a hike, shooting down to Portland (or up to Seattle) or any of the other options that are offered in and around our region particularly during the summer months, it makes sense that church would get pushed down the priority list.


JESUS DOES NOT TAKE ATTENDANCE (we do, but only because we have to).

I want to stress this point: it is important to take care of ourselves, our souls and bodies, by nurturing and feeding them with sunshine, boat rides, mountain hikes to stunning views of God’s great creation, and delicious brunch enjoyed on a patio, to name just a few of the myriads of ways that summer affords us

But, it is also important to engage with church, to take advantage of the opportunities that this place uniquely offers during the summer months.

Maybe you have a very full Sunday planned, but could check out the 8am service on a first or third Sunday, or the 30 minute(ish) 9:30am service offered every Sunday, for a different worship experience and a chance to still have your full day before you. Maybe you sleep in on a Sunday morning, but come join us for one of our Summer Nights @ St. Stephen’s events (found at Perhaps you join with us as we show up to be part of the community at Squirrel Fest (August 17). Maybe you are inspired by all of the fresh produce of the season and host a coffee hour for the first time!

However you might choose to engage, it is clear that we must engage with these opportunities because it is also important to feed the spiritual hunger of our souls during this season. Our spiritual souls are fed through fellowship and community. Our spiritual souls are fed when we share in community with those whom we commune with on Sundays. There is something different, separate, filling, that comes from experiencing and engaging with your church family in both familiar and new ways.

I hope you will take advantage of the different opportunities, events, programs, and other worship services we offer throughout the summer. Perhaps you will see church in a new way, experience a new part of this place, and in so doing you will come to see your summer including the church, rather than as a vacation from church.

I look forward to seeing you this summer!

Also, for the sake of our bookkeeper and treasurer, please keep up to date with your pledges through the summer months as well!

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