learn & bless

A weekly Rector’s Notes Article, continuing reflections on The Way of Love

We are called as Christians to continually learn and grow in our faith. Forming ourselves in the practices, traditions, and theology of our faith is an integral part to fully developing ourselves as well-rounded Christians that are able to engage in the conversations of faith that are required of us in order to share the Good News of Christ. But, where to start?

This week we will look at the practice of engaging deeply with the foundational teachings of our faith: Holy Scripture. The wisdom that is contained within scripture continues to inform and influence our practice of faith to this day. This wisdom calls us into a way of life that truly lives the faith that we have received. In reading the scriptures deeply, intently, we connect to our faith past, present, and future, for the scriptures are what binds all of us together and carries us forward each day. With this deep importance then, it is our task to continually seek out a habit of reading, learning, inwardly digesting the scriptures left for us, to engage fully in a practice of holy reading, a practice that allows us to learn and grow in our faith, through the knowledge and wisdom that is unlocked through our engagement of the scriptures.

And in our learning and growing and being formed in faith, we learn of our call to continually turn back to God and seek the blessings that are offered for the sake of this world, blessings that stand in stark contrast with the idols that we hold up in our time.

Giving and receiving blessing is an opportunity to open ourselves to the new heart and new spirit that forms within us through our experience of faith, the formation that we prioritize, the prayer we engage in, the turn we make to God. In giving and receiving blessing we engage in and with the world in a practice that prioritizes the presence of God in our life and in our collective lives. God’s blessing upon our lives is a gift that we should not hold back. God’s blessing upon our lives is a gift that we should share with all we connect with in this world. God’s blessing upon our lives calls us to stand against those idols of our time that demand fealty and obsession, calls us to stand against and say that today I am choosing to prioritize the reality of God’s presence in my life, to prioritize the sharing that I have been the recipient of God’s grace and blessing in my life.

The holy scriptures afford us an opportunity to learn and grow in our faith through engaging in the practice of holy reading, of opening ourselves to the blessings that are contained therein, of knowing that it is through this dual experience held in learn and bless, that the way of love can begin to be shared with the world around us.

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