joy in the mundane

As I sit here on this dreary Friday morning, waiting patiently for the skies to open up and pour down rain (maybe), I am finding a sense of peace in accomplishing the mundane tasks placed before me. It’s always easy to put off those things which, while necessary, are not fun or exciting. From banking and payroll errors to dealing with the dmv, running a quick errand to the post office, or watching the gold medal match of curling while doing all these tasks, the mundane tasks that are put before are not those we often think of as the fulfilling and affirming tasks of our day.

And for the most part, each individual task is not truly that fulfilling.

However, when we combine these tasks together we do get a sense of accomplishment. It’s especially important to remember that these simple mundane tasks are necessary for our lives to continue operating smoothly. Too often they get placed on the back burner and ignored, because we get caught up in the worry of deadlines for projects, our plans for the weekend, and so on.

Jesus said, “So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”(Matthew 6:34, NRSV) This is great advice, for if we accomplish the mundane tasks before us today, it frees us to pursuing the “greater” tasks that lay before us tomorrow. We can find fulfillment when we accomplish the tasks of today, and we can enjoy that feeling when we focus on what is before us today, leaving the troubles of tomorrow for tomorrow.

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