Refresh and Reboot

At one time I was going to be a blogger. And, in the beginning, I started off pretty strong (once I got around to it, that is). But over time, including a summer at camp, a cross-country move, and the beginning of seminary, I pushed aside this little outlet for more pressing matters (homework). However, I have started to feel the itch in the past couple months to give this another go, and now I have the perfect motivation.

In the course of seminary studies I have begun to realize the importance of producing my own digital media, in addition to being really good at distributing other’s digital media. As part of this realization I have committed to following an independent study course with some of my fellow seminarians on Digital Media for Ministry. This course in turn is dovetailing with a renewed interest in “Evangelism in the Episcopal Church,” which is both a popular and questioned topic in the current church climate.

My goal in rebooting this blog is to further explore how I can make an impact in digital media for ministry, and in turn, how digital media can be used both as a form of evangelism and hopefully a tool for teaching evangelism to newly invigorated congregations.

This reboot comes at the perfect time as I clear the halfway mark of seminary, fully engage in the Epiphany season, and begin to prepare for that ultimate season of preparations, Lent. I welcome you back to the road, and hope that you can find something to help you along your journey.

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