One Final Dinner

Monday night brought an end to my time as the K-State Canterbury Intern (in so far as our Monday Night Dinner programs were concerned). It was a bittersweet feeling, knowing that it was the last time that I’d join together with our student leaders to prepare a home cooked meal, serve it to students, and enjoy fellowship and worship together. This has been the primary program of our ministry the two years that I have been involved, and we’ve seen growth in numbers and leadership from the peer ministers, creating a can’t-miss evening each week.

As a thank you for the support and participation of not only our students leaders but the students that come each week to dissect Bible passages, discuss big questions, and grow together, I decided to prepare a five-course Italian inspired dinner. With the help of the peer ministers (always great at lending a hand, even those that didn’t claim any expertise in the kitchen), I put together a meal that included bruschetta,salad, spaghetti alla carbonara, steak with balsamic syrup and goat cheese, risotto, and a raspberry ricotta mouse for dessert.

One of the more touching moments for me, was the number of people that came out to share in this final meal together. The previous couple weeks had seen a drop-off attendance wise, mainly due to the stresses of final tests/projects, but on Monday all of our regulars of the past year joined together, in addition to some honored guests that have supported my ministry specifically and the Canterbury ministry in general. It was great to see everyone Monday night, and to share a meal that turned out greater than any of my expectations.

I will always fondly remember my time at Canterbury, and Monday nights will definitely have a missing hole when the fall semester rolls around. I want to thank everyone that came out to make this final dinner such a great success and a lasting memory for me.

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