A sermon for the Twenty-Fifth Sunday After the Pentecost, Mark 12:38-44 The gospel lesson this morning is harsh. Live into your faith, fully, completely, without hesitation, without boasting and strutting for all to see, with the greatest self-sacrifice, with the commitment to truly be a person of faith, forgoing the expectations of the watching public … Continue reading appearances


A weekly Rector's Notes reflection for November 5, 2018 As part of this “Election Day-Eve” edition of my weekly rector’s notes, I want to talk a little bit about what politics and the church DO have to say to each other. Our lives are constantly bombarded by election news. Signs for candidates are going up … Continue reading vote!


A sermon for the Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost One of the most powerful things we possess is our voice. This is why those who have power try and silence the voices of those who would rise to challenge them. Our voices are used to spread ideas, used to spread information, used to spread revolution, but … Continue reading voice