learn & bless

A weekly Rector's Notes Article, continuing reflections on The Way of Love We are called as Christians to continually learn and grow in our faith. Forming ourselves in the practices, traditions, and theology of our faith is an integral part to fully developing ourselves as well-rounded Christians that are able to engage in the conversations … Continue reading learn & bless


A weekly Rector's Notes Article Prayer can be really hard for Episcopalians. I personally have struggled my whole life with maintaining a personal spiritual practice of prayer and reflection. It is an expectation of clergy that not only do we engage in prayer on a regular basis but that we also be well versed and … Continue reading pray

ash wednesday

A weekly Rector's Notes article, March 4, 2019 Ash Wednesday has always held a special place in my spiritual life. I have a deeply personal connection to Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday has already occurred on my birthday 3 times in my life (that I remember), and the last time it was on my birthday was also the first time that our oldest … Continue reading ash wednesday

broken vessels

A weekly Rector's Notes article, February 25, 2019 We prepare to enter into the season of Lent by reflecting on what it means to live into Lent, to practice Lent, to engage with a “Holy Lent,” remembering to prioritize the sacred and even mystical elements of a season that call us to deep reflection, self-examination, and even self-denial. We practice this season … Continue reading broken vessels